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We're obsessed with theatre and play-making, but it's the people who come to see us we really love! We always ask for feedback after each performance, so we can make even better theatre next time. 

Silent on the Matter tells the harrowing story of female foeticide within an educated middle class, arranged marriage, 2nd generation Indian family in Birmingham'. This sounds like a recipe for an experience marginally worse than having your back teeth removed. But it deals with the contrasting cultures and expectations of Hindu India and modern ‘enlightened' liberal England with such delicacy, understanding and wit that I was mesmerised and am still reflecting on its paradoxes and implications. It is superbly written and very moving.

I can often find theatre disappointing, but when it's good it's amazing, and that was true of this production. The story is shocking, thought provoking and challenging ... but not without humour. We are all shaped by our context and culture, and who is to say who is "right"? As one of the characters says at the end, when you are sure you are right, you are probably wrong. The acting was wonderfully real, pitch perfect.'

A truly wonderful play. Gripping from start to finish. The writing is highly sophisticated and subtle - all the roles are shown in a sympathetic light which leads to a deeper understanding of a very controversial and challenging subject. Terrific acting and directing. Highly recommended.

I really enjoyed the show. I thought the actors were very strong indeed. I enjoyed the writing – expertly applying humour and poignancy to what is a delicate and troubling subject. It avoided simplistic responses to complex cultural issues. Overall I think the staging worked very well though there were moments when I thought the actors got a bit trapped and the transitions could have been smoother. This is detail and in no way affected my enjoyment. With regard to the shape of the play, it worked very well – though it felt a bit too resolved at the end. I wanted the white British couple’s ambivalence about their abortion to come back.

We both enjoyed a very professional and highly skilled performance by the cast. The whole audience were as enthralled as we were. The writer handled a dreadful story with great understanding and delicacy, certainly a play none of us will forget - a thought provoking experience.

Under David Travaskis's assured direction, the story moves deftly between Alisha's journey and the counter narrative of lawyer friend Kate as she grapples with the intractability of a culture she doesn't understand.

Bhavnisha Parmar delivers a heart stopping central performance as Alisha supported by Ashraf Ejjbair as husband Kaalindi, caught between the tectonic plates of family expectation and his moral disorientation in a foreign English culture. Garry Manion adds levity as Kate's cricket loving partner Richard and Sakuntala Ramanee's pin sharp performance as Kaalindi's mother Indra cuts razor sharp wit and incisiveness through the ensemble scenes that brings both comedy and sadness.

'Silent on the Matter' is a co-production between sibling theatre companies ‘Acting for Change' and ‘Living the Drama' and is well worth a look.